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Brand license agreement combines the strength of the Kodak brand with Funai’s consumer electronics design, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities.

Osaka, Japan – February 9, 2015— Funai Electric Co., Ltd. (“Funai”) today announced that it entered into a worldwide brand license agreement with Eastman Kodak Company in which Funai will design, manufacture, market, and sell Kodak branded consumer and small office printer products and related consumable supplies.

Funai Electric Company has an enviable reputation and over a half century of experience delivering quality consumer electronic products efficiently and effectively under many well known consumer brands. The Kodak brand has a history of over 120 years of developing high quality, reliable and user friendly products. It is also a brand that is recognized and familiar to people around the world. Funai plans to combine the strength of the Kodak brand with its manufacturing, design and operational capabilities to deliver creative solutions that meet consumer and small business printing needs. The Kodak brand license agreement allows Funai to extend their participation as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of inkjet and laser printers into a vertically integrated supplier of consumer and small office printers and related supplies. The company is expected to launch its first line of printers in the summer of this year.


1. Outline of the License Agreement

(1) Details of the business covered by the agreement:
Funai will begin offering the Kodak brand and engage in supply, delivery, marketing and sales activities, and after-sales service of Kodak brand inkjet printer products and related consumable supplies.

(2) Principal details of the agreement:
Matters pertaining to the granting to Funai of the right to use trademarks on inkjet printer products and royalties, etc.

2. Overview of Counterparty to the Agreement

  1. Name: Eastman Kodak Company
  2. Representative: Jeffrey J. Clarke,Chief Executive Officer
  3. Head office address: 343 State Street, Rochester, New York 14650
  4. Date of establishment: 1880

3. Impact on Business Performance

Funai plans to manufacture and sell inkjet printer products and related consumable supplies under the license agreement beginning in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016. There will be no impact on business performance in the current fiscal year.

About Funai

Funai Electric Co. Ltd, established in 1961, is headquartered in Osaka, Japan and is listed in the Tokyo and Osaka Securities and Exchange First Section (6839). In addition to the consumer electronics product brands sold by Funai Corporation in the USA and the products sold by other Funai sales and marketing companies in Japan, Asia, Europe, and South America, Funai Electric Company, Ltd. is a major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and supplier for consumer electronics, computer, and computer peripherals worldwide. For more information on the Funai group, please visit

The Kodak trademark and trade dress are used under license from Eastman Kodak Company.

For additional information, please contact

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Representative Director, Officer, and General Manager of Corporate Planning Division
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Social Media and Customer Care Manager